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World Thyroid Day 2023 Date History Significance Facts

New Delhi: Every year on May 25, the World Thyroid Awareness Day is observed to increase the awareness of thyroid disorders and how they affect people’s health. The effort seeks to advance knowledge of thyroid problems as well as their early detection and appropriate treatment.

The thyroid gland is essential for creating the hormones that control metabolism and other body processes.

When the thyroid gland generates too many thyroid hormones, it results in hyperthyroidism. Symptoms include weight loss, an elevated heart rate, anxiety, and heat sensitivity. Hypothyroidism, on the other hand, results from the inability of the thyroid gland to secrete adequate thyroid hormones, and it manifests as symptoms including weight gain, weariness, sadness, and sensitivity to the cold.

World Thyroid Day 2023: History

During the Annual General Meeting that preceded the European Thyroid Association (ETA) Congress in September 2007, it was formally adopted that on May 25, World Thyroid Day will be celebrated. The date was not just a random pick but had a special meaning for the ETA.

The ETA was established in 1965, and May 25 is its founding anniversary. It chose to designate the day specifically for spreading awareness of thyroid diseases and their effect on people’s health. The goal was to offer a forum for educating the general public, medical experts, and organisations on diseases related to the thyroid.

World Thyroid Day 2023: Significance

This day is crucial for encouraging thyroid health on a global scale. People learn about thyroid, its symptoms, medical advice, and the importance of early discovery and treatment by commemorating this day. The day also emphasises the importance of addressing healthcare resource and service inequities, especially in marginalised groups, and promotes policies that will guarantee that everyone, regardless of background, can receive appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and support. Collaboration among medical experts, patient advocacy organisations, decision-makers, and researchers is also promoted by the day. 

World Thyroid Day 2023: Theme

The thyroid federation described the theme as ‘It’s not you. It’s your thyroid’ which focuses on thyroid disorders by taking the necessary steps to cure it before causing any complications.

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