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‘When I Met Anushka’: Virat Kohli Opens Up About His Life-Changing Moment

Virat Kohli is one of the finest batters Indian cricket has ever produced. He has also set a fitness cult in the Indian team with his extraordinary fitness. The journey was never a cakewalk for him as he went through a tough process. From being a chubby bloke to becoming a gluten-free athlete, he has come a long way.

In the latest episode of RCB Podcast, Kohli talked about his life changing moment, and the role his wife Anushka Sharma has played over the years in his life.

“When my father passed away, that was more like, my outlook towards things changed, but my life didn’t change as such. Life around was same as before. The incident gave me a lot of resilience, a lot of focus on what I want to do in life, and a lot of motivation to realise my dream, but it wasn’t life-changing. I was still playing cricket, I was still doing what I had to do, and the environment was quite similar”, he said.

“I would say a life-changing moment would be when I met Anushka, because I saw a different side of life. It wasn’t similar to my environment; it was a different perspective, a different point of view, so that’s what is life-changing. Because when you fall in love, you start processing those changes within you as well, because you have to move together. So, to do that, you have to open yourself up; you need to accept a lot of things, and that for me was life-changing,” the former India and RCB skipper explained.

Until last year, he was struggling to get runs but then he got some in the white ball format. The cause of concern for him is the red ball format. His willow is still looking for runs in the longest format of the game as currently he is playing the Test series against Australia and has only managed to score 111 runs in the three Tests he played. The fourth Test is undergoing in Ahmedabad and the onus will be on the former India skipper to score runs on a batting-friendly wicket.


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