Homelatest newsVideo Claiming Fungus In 'Lassi' Goes Viral, Amul Calls It Fake

Video Claiming Fungus In ‘Lassi’ Goes Viral, Amul Calls It Fake

Dairy giant Amul has denied the claims made in a viral video showing alleged fungus growth in a packet of the brand’s lassi. The company called the video fake and accused the creator of spreading false information and causing unnecessary panic among consumers. The video, which has gone viral on social media, depicts the alleged discovery of fungus in Amul Lassi packs, despite the fact that they were past their expiry date.

In response to the claim in the viral video, Amul stated that the packets seen in the video had damage in the straw hole area and that there was clearly liquid leaking from this location. According to the company, the damage could have been the cause of the fungal growth in these packets, and it’s likely that the video’s creator was aware of this.

“The creator of the video has not contacted us for clarification, nor has the location been disclosed,” Amul said in a Twitter response. The tweet was accompanied by a screenshot of the video, which showed the damage in the tetra packet’s straw hole area.

“Amul Lassi is made at our state-of-the-art dairies and undergoes strict quality checks for product quality and packaging integrity,” the dairy giant emphasised.

To reassure customers, Amul highlighted that they include a declaration on all of their packs that say “DO NOT BUY PUFFED/LEAKY PACK,” warning customers not to buy puffed or leaky packs. According to Amul, this is standard practise to ensure the safety of their customers.

Many users responded to Amul’s response by emphasising their trust in the brand’s quality. “Most of us haven’t even looked at the said video, even if we did the same won’t matter. Amul stands for tradition, quality, trust, etc. But do explore if packs have been duplicated with inferior quality at some place” a user wrote.

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