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‘The Kerala Story’ Actress Adah Sharma Talks About ‘Gender Discrimination’ In Bollywood, Says ‘I Have Met The Good, Bad And Ugly…’

New Delhi: Adah Sharma is currently basking in the glory of her record-breaking film ‘The Kerala Story’. The actress opened up about the aspects of the Hindi film business that bother her most at this time. Adah has worked in the Indian cinema industries of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, where she encountered “good, bad, and ugly” individuals. In a recent interview, the actress said that she finds sexism to be particularly offensive.

Adah Sharma recently said in an interview that she did not find satisfaction in working inside any one branch of the film business. Adah told Siddharth Kanan that having a competent director makes a positive difference. The actress stated, “I have worked with people from north and south, who were very amazing and not amazing also. I have realized it is the person. If your director is nice, irrespective of the language, everything goes very well. But if your director is not very pleasant, and not very nice, it’s just not a nice thing.”  

She added, “I have met the good, bad, and ugly in all the places. I find it very strange that they first call the girl on the set and then they say, ‘ok, wait.’ When they see, ‘ok. she is here’, then they call the actor’s manager and tell him to come on the set and the girl is already there. I feel discrimination on the basis of gender, I don’t enjoy working in an environment like that.” 

The Vipul Shah-produced film ‘The Kerala Story’ was released on May 5. The film tells the story of Kerala women who were coerced into joining the Islamic State (IS) and being converted.

Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Siddhi Idnani, and Sonia Balani play the main characters in ‘The Kerala Story’.

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