Homelatest newsShraddha Lad's Charisma And Aura Have Lit Up The Glamour World

Shraddha Lad’s Charisma And Aura Have Lit Up The Glamour World

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 26: We are so lured by the sheen of the glamour world, aren’t we? From marking off what an actor wore to a gala night and following our favourite model to keeping up with the ongoing fashion trends, we are so into it! However, not everyone’s skilled enough to make it to the glistening world. But Shraddha Lad does have some unprecedented charm; otherwise, why would she be admired by thousands of people and multiple fashion labels and brands?

With her profound fascination for fashion and modelling, Shraddha always wanted to be a model! Starting her journey at 25 years of age, she was full of zeal to carve a niche for herself in that world, but she was also in a cold sweat! However, little did she know that she was going to cause a stir. And then, being born and brought up in the city of dreams—Mumbai itself—she had to choose her passion!  

Shraddha has worked as a freelancer on multiple projects. She has done fashion shoots for various brands and exhibitions and has been a part of numerous fashion affairs! Talking about her journey, here’s what Shraddha said: “I feel so grateful for choosing myself and my passion! My work has always brought me tremendous joy. Nothing’s easy, and good things take time. However, when you start following your heart and giving all you have to achieve your dreams, success will come next!”

She has worked as a freelancer with eminent fashion labels like Blackmoor Couturier, Amayra Couture, Anhaya, etc., and has done ramp shows for many jewellers. She has also been a muse at Kajol R Paswwan Makeup Academy. In just four years of her stint, she has already achieved so many milestones and has become an inspiration for many other people.

Shraddha Lad is also famous on social media platforms for her unmissable pizzazz. From her style sense to her optimistic thoughts, she has left everyone in awe. She is also a traveller and is loved by netizens for her travel stories. She has many brand shoots in the pipeline. We wish her good luck with the same and hope those are amazing.

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