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Resident Evil 4: how to solve the stained glass church puzzle

Even though Resident Evil 4 was the turning point where the series moved toward a more action-oriented style of game, it is still packed with puzzles to test your brain power just as much as your aim. The remake stays true to that formula by bringing back one of the iconic early puzzles from the original, which you will encounter during Chapter 4. While exploring the church, you will be presented with a stained glass puzzle that requires you to line up different colors to complete the image. Spinning puzzles like this are quite tricky, even for an experienced agent like Leon, so we’ll back you up and show you how to solve the church puzzle in Resident Evil 4.

A messed up stained glass puzzle.

How to solve the stained glass puzzle

After entering the church and flipping the switch to reveal the panel with two dials, you can begin to take on this puzzle.

Step 1: One of the three dials is missing, but is easily found in a cabinet in the back corner of the church.

Leon picking up a blue dial.

Step 2: Place the blue dial in the panel next to the others.

Step 3: Spin the green dial until the green sections in the middle fit around the insignia.

A partially solved stained glass puzzle.

Step 4: Now rotate the blue sections until they line up along the long bottom part of the insignia.

Step 5: Finally, you can just spin the red dial until the colors all slot into place.

Step 6: Once filled in, the door will open and you can climb up to the church’s second floor.

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