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Positivity Rate Over 10% But Situation Under Control, Delhi Health Minister Says

After a record spike in Covid cases in Delhi over the past few days, Delhi health Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj on Thursday held an emergency meeting with various stakeholders. In a press brief, the health minister said that the Covid positivity rate has climbed over 10% but the “situation is under control”. The minister also added that there is a need to start precautions in order to curb the sudden rise in COVID-19 cases.

Issuing health guidelines looking at the current situation, Bharadwaj said, “People having comorbidity or are senior citizens or are visiting any hospital premises irrespective of the fact whether they are sick or not, should wear masks at all times.” He added that there is no special advisory for children as of now however, the children and senior citizens that are ill already must be looked after.

“We were finding traces of COVID-19 for the past two to three weeks in the sewage system. The Centre said that there is a sharp increase in coronavirus cases in 4 states of South India and 2 states of West India. The most visible increase in cases can be seen in states such as Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat. We’ve observed a trend that once cases in Mumbai starts to rise then it eventually rises in Delhi as well because both metropolitan cities have a similar pattern of spreading of the virus,” Health Minister said during the conference.

Bharadwaj added that there is no need to panic because of the new variant, the guidelines are mostly still the same as they were earlier. He said that at present, the supply of oxygen is enough, and even 10 per cent of that stock isn’t being utilised. Numerous beds are available in hospitals, the government is using a ‘Balancing’ approach as of now.

He further said, “We are conducting Coronavirus tests and Genome sequencing tests as well. 2200 tests were done yesterday and we will increase the number of tests as per need.”

The minister said that the two deaths that were reported yesterday weren’t from any Delhi government hospital, one was from Northern Railways hospital and the other one was from a hospital in the Maharaja Agrasen region. Both deceased were old and were suffering from kidney and liver diseases already and their prime cause of death wasn’t Covid.

Bharadwaj while talking to the reporters said, “Results from the mock drills will be presented in front of the Chief Minister. We will present a detailed report of today’s meeting along with reports of other states’ status on Covid to CM Arvind Kejriwal tomorrow.

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