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Old Video Of Elon Musk Dancing At Shanghai Event Surfaces Online Internet Is Amused

An old video of Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk has surfaced online in which he is seen breaking into an awkward dance at an event in Shanghai held in 2020.

The 18-second clip shared on the microblogging site Twitter by user ‘Tesla Owners Silicone Valley’ shows the Tesla Chief making his way on to the stage and break into an awkward dance. He is also seen stripping  off his jacket to reveal an NSFW (Not safe for work) T-shirt with a cartoon of the factory.

According to CNN, The event was held in 2020 at the Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai, China to celebrate the first deliveries of made-in-China electric vehicles.

“@elonmusk knows how to get down,” reads the caption of the post shared on Twitter.

The video has so far garnered 2.1 million views and several comments.

One of the Twitter user on watching the video wrote, “He’s silly and super mischievous, I think he’s pretty awesome”.

“This is some of the worst dancing I’ve ever seen” wrote another user.

“For years, I’ve always made it a point to never mock someone for dancing. That dancing is just moving to music, and can be done in so many ways. Never really in a wrong way. This…this is the wrong way. Elon is the exception”, wrote a third.

“Best CEO dancer ever”, wrote a fourth.


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