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Moldova Smolders On Borders, Caught Up In Russia-Ukraine War

Moldova’s Interior Minister, Ana Revenco, has alleged that the country has been the target of a series of security threats, including a coup attempt, internet hacks, bomb hoaxes, fake conscription call-ups, and mass protests in the past year. According to Revenco, these incidents were part of a misinformation and propaganda campaign orchestrated by Russia to destabilize the pro-Western government of President Maia Sandu, Reuters reported.

Revenco has described the situation as an “informational war,” which puts “very strong pressure on the psychological resilience of the population.” However, the Moldovan government has not provided any supporting evidence for its accusations against Russia.

The Kremlin has dismissed the allegations, and its spokesman Dmitry Peskov has accused Moldova of “slipping into anti-Russian hysteria.”

The situation in Moldova is a cause for concern, given the country’s geopolitical location and fragile political situation. The alleged interference by Russia has further destabilized the region and highlights the ongoing tensions between Russia and its neighbours in Eastern Europe.

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Moldova is a small, landlocked country sandwiched between Ukraine and NATO member Romania, and is seen as a strategically important geopolitical location. The country is also home to the breakaway statelet of Transnistria, which is governed by pro-Russian separatists and defended by Russian forces, as well as the semi-autonomous territory of Gagauzia, which is largely pro-Russian.

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President Sandu was elected in 2020 on a promise to seek EU membership, putting Moldova at odds with Russia. Moscow has consistently denied Moldovan claims of inciting unrest and has expressed concern over the country’s potential membership in the EU.

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