Homelatest newsLeft Accuses BJP Of Ransacking, Burning Houses Of Party Workers In Tripira

Left Accuses BJP Of Ransacking, Burning Houses Of Party Workers In Tripira

Leftist parties in Tripura attacked the governing BJP on Thursday for post-election violence in the state, accusing its followers of ransacking and burning down the homes of opposition party members and damaging their party offices, news agency PTI reported.

People’s Democracy, the CPIM’s party mouthpiece, accused the BJP of unleashing a “orgy of violence,” claiming that as of March 6, about 1,000 cases of assaults and violence by “BJP gangs” had occurred across the state.

“These were in the form of physical attacks on CPI(M), Left Front and Congress workers and supporters, ransacking or burning of their houses and demolition of party offices. A particularly vicious form of attack is meant to destroy their means of livelihood like burning down rubber plantations, crops and damaging their e-rickshaws and vehicles to stop them from plying,” the party was quoted by PTI in its report.

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According to the editorial in the CPIM newspaper, what is happening in Tripura is an ongoing plot of repression and violence intended at “dismantling” the CPI(M) organisation and frightening its popular support.

“Before elections or after, this class attack on the Communist and Left movement continues. The aim is to extirpate the Communist movement itself,” it reads

According to the party, the CPI(M) and the Left Front have the difficult job of repelling the violence directed at them while maintaining their connections with the people.

CPM MP Binoy Viswam said its fact-finding journey to Tripura is in response to the “atrocities perpetrated by the BJP”.

“Burning houses and killing of cows mark their victory parade. Democratic values are anathema for BJP. If secular, democratic, left forces stand united, BJP can be defeated,” Viswam said in a tweet. 

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