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Kapil Sharma Recalls Shah Rukh Khan’s Reaction When He Cancelled Shoot Last Minute: ‘Drugs Leta Hai?‘

New Delhi: Kapil Sharma is gearing up for the release of his film ‘Zwigato’, directed by Nandita Das. The actor recently opened up about battling alcoholism and depression during a bad phase of his life. The actor recalled the time when he didn’t want to work or leave his house. It was during this time that news of his shoots getting delayed or cancelled started coming up and he got a bad reputation in the industry. 

In an interview with Aaj Tak, Kapil was asked about his phase and if movie stars ever got offended when he got late for the shoot or cancelled it. While Kapil said nobody got angry, he revealed how Shah Rukh Khan reacted when Kapil cancelled a shoot with him at the last moment. 

Kapil told Aaj Tak in Hindi, “Nobody got angry. The format of my show is such that I cannot be late even if I tried. We have to shoot multiple segments throughout the day… But yes, there were times when I backed out at the last moment because I didn’t think I could go through with it… When Shah Rukh Khan’s shoot got cancelled, he met me three or four days later. He had come to the same studio for something. Maybe, as an artist, he understood what was happening. He is a superstar, after all, and he has seen everything in this industry. He called me to his car, we sat for an hour, and talked. He asked me, ‘Drugs leta hai?‘. I told him I don’t take drugs, but I no longer feel like working. He told me some very nice things, counselled me. But this is one of those situations that you can’t improve unless you yourself want to.” 

The comedian also spoke about depression and recalled how he thought about ending his life once. “In that phase, I thought about committing suicide. I thought there is nobody with whom I can share my feelings. The place where I come from, mental health is not something that is discussed. I don’t think this was the first time that I went through this phase. Maybe, during childhood, I must have felt low, but nobody would have noticed,” said Kapil. 

Meanwhile, ‘Zwigato’ will be released on March 17. During the trailer launch, Kapil Sharma said he never imagined Nandita Das would offer him a film. “Maine zindagi mein nai socha tha, inhone ne bhi nai socha tha. I have always been a fan of Nandita, have seen Firaaq and Manto. And seeing those films, I hadn’t imagined she would ever offer me a film. Her films may be serious, but in her personal life, she is quite funny. When you see the film, everyone will be able to relate to it,” Kapil said.   

‘Zwigato’ was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and Busan International Film Festival, where it received positive reviews. 

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