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‘Himachal To Be First In Country To Provide Private Operators With Subsidies On Electric Vehicle Purchase’: CM Sukhu

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu stated on Saturday that private operators in the state will be eligible for subsidies to purchase electric vehicles.

“Himachal Pradesh will be the first state in the country to provide a Rs 50 lakh subsidy to private operators for the purchase of electric buses. Similarly, operators will get Rs 10 lakh subsidy for buying electric taxis and Rs 50 lakh subsidy to purchase trucks. Those who accept the subsidy will have a better way of life as well as a higher income,” Sukhu was quoted as saying by the news agency ANI. 

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu presented the budget for 2023-24 on Friday, announcing a women’s pension, incentives for electric vehicles, a cow cess on liquor, and other initiatives to make the state green by 2026.

The Congress-led government announced the first-of-its-kind cow cess of Rs 10 on the sale of each bottle of liquor in its maiden budget, even as it made strides to fulfil various election promises, such as a fixed monthly payment for women and subsidies on electric two-wheelers.

Cow cessation will generate an additional Rs 100 crore in revenue per year, according to Sukhu.

The chief minister stated that his government intends to make Himachal Pradesh a green state by 2026 by promoting hydropower and solar energy and encouraging the use of electric vehicles to reduce pollution.

Himachal Pradesh will be designated as a model state for the adoption of electric vehicles, according to Sukhu.

Himachal Road Transport Corporation’s 1,500 diesel buses will be phased out in favour of electric buses at a cost of Rs 1,000 crore, he said.

In addition, youth will receive a 50% subsidy for the installation of charging stations.

The state will also provide a 40% subsidy to youth for the establishment of small hydropower projects ranging from 200 Kw to 2 MW.

Sukhu also announced a Rs 25,000 subsidy for the purchase of electric two-wheelers for 20,000 girls in the state’s government schools.

(With Inputs From PTI)

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