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France Bans TikTok Twitter And Other Recreational Apps From Govt Staff Phones Report

The French government on Friday banned the ‘recreational application’ on government employees’ phones because of concerns about insufficient data security measures, reported Associated Press (AP). The ban will apply on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and other apps the report added. 

Due to concerns over TikTok’s ties to China, similar limitations have been placed on the popular video-sharing app in other countries as well.  But, the French ban also applied to other platforms that are often used by politicians, government employees, and President Emmanuel Macron.

The French Minister for Transformation and Public Administration, Stanislas Guerini in a statement said, “To guarantee the cybersecurity of our administrations and our public officials, the French government has decided to ban recreational applications such as TikTok, on the professional phones of State officials.”

It should be noted that the minister announced the ban on Twitter as well. 

The AP report said that the ban will be monitored by France’s cybersecurity agency.

The statement put out by Guerini did not specify which apps are banned but noted that the decision came after other governments took measures targeting TikTok. Guerini’s office said in a message to The Associated Press that the ban also will include Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, gaming apps like Candy Crush, and dating apps.

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Exceptions will be allowed. If an officer wants to use a banned app for professional purposes, like public communication, they can request permission to do so, the report added. 

TikTok has been prohibited on government phones by the US, Britain, the European Union, and other countries. Western countries are concerned that Chinese authorities may demand data on overseas users from TikTok’s Chinese owner, ByteDance Ltd., or may promote propaganda in favor of Beijing. 

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