Homelatest newsEmily Ratajkowski Opens Up About Mental And Physical Toll Of Marriage

Emily Ratajkowski Opens Up About Mental And Physical Toll Of Marriage

Emily Ratajkowski discusses how her marriage affected her mental and physical health by the end. She married Sebastian Bear McClard for four years before divorcing him in September 2022. The ex-couple has a son named Sylvester Apollo, who was born in March 2021. On the Going Mental podcast, Emily Ratajkowski discusses how she felt trapped in her marriage and the toll it has had on her.

Ratajkowski stated that she was quite unhappy in her marriage and want to depart for an extended period of time. “I was 100 pounds and had just had a baby,” the actress explained. “I got really skinny because I was not OK,” she added.

Emily Ratajkowski was convinced that something was wrong with her, so she tried everything, including antidepressants, to feel better.

The model claims that quitting her marriage was difficult because everyone emphasises the importance of finding a spouse who completes you, and she also gave birth to a child in 2021. This is why she found it difficult to go away.

“Gaslighting is a real thing,” says Emily Ratajkowski. According to the actress, reconnecting to yourself and believing your instincts will not only feel great but will also make your life easier.

According to reports, Ratajkowski filed for divorce following suspicions of Sebastian Bear-infidelity. McClard’s When it was revealed in an interview that people were surprised that someone as perfect as Emily Ratajkowski could be cheated on, the model felt it was interesting. She claimed it did not matter who you are since ‘men are trash’.

Can Mental Stress Cause Weight Loss?

While depression primarily affects your emotions and mental state, it can also result in physical problems. One may witness aches and pains, a decrease in energy, difficulty sleeping, strange stomach and digestive disorders, or changes in appetite.

Some people who suffer from depression get hungrier than normal or eat emotionally. Comfort foods can feel relaxing and frequently appear to momentarily alleviate grief, emptiness, and other emotional problems, particularly during the long, dark winter months.

Depression can also induce a decrease in appetite, which can result in accidental weight loss. Some may consider this a favourable side effect, but rapid or excessive weight loss might jeopardise your health. It can also deplete your energy, making it more difficult to deal with other symptoms of depression.

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