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Early Screening Will Be Done To Detect Influenza, Take Precautionary Measures: Delhi Health Min

Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj on Friday said that authorities have been instructed to conduct early screening in order to detect cases of influenza, reported news agency PTI. While addressing a press conference, Bharadwaj said that though the peak of seasonal influenza is usually over by March every year, this time a large number of cases are being registered throughout the country.

He added that the ones who have had severe Asthma or COVID-19 are being impacted the most by this influenza.

“People who have had severe asthma or Covid are among those impacted the most by influenza. Extra precaution is needed for those aged above 65 and children below five years of age”, said Bharadwaj.

The health minister stated that the Central government has issued a COVID-19 advisory for six states but, Delhi is not on that list. “However, we are issuing an advisory to check the spread of influenza. Instructions have been issued to authorities for early screening to detect cases. There are not many cases in Delhi hospitals and we are closely monitoring the situation”, the health minister further said.

Bharadwaj also said that the Delhi government has no plans for making masks mandatory. The primary focus will be on taking precautionary measures which include avoiding public places, and washing hands among many more.

On the other hand, Maharashtra Health Minister Tanaji Sawant has asked people of his state to wear masks, maintain social distancing and avoid visiting crowded areas. The minister acknowledged the spread of the virus and asserted that the hospitals in the state have been asked to stay alert.

“H3N2 virus is spreading in the state, but there is no need to worry. People must not go in crowded areas, wear masks & maintain social distancing. H3N2 & Covid cases are on rise again in the state”, Sawant was quoted as saying by ANI.

H3N2 flu cases in India are on the rise, with children and people belonging to older age groups at higher risk of cathing the virus.

A subtype of Influenza A virus, the symptoms of H3N2 flu are similar to those of Covid-19.  

H3N2 appears to cause more hospitalisations than other influenza types, according to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). The common symptoms of H3N2 infection are fever, cough, breathlessness and wheezing, while pneumonia and seizures are rare symptoms. 

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