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Detox Juices Made By Blending Fruits And Vegetables May Have Adverse Effects. See What Experts Say

New Delhi: Most of us consume juices on a daily basis considering them to be a healthy option. We tend to blend different fruits and vegetables to make a variety of detox juices or smoothies as healthy alternatives and quick solutions. But, recently Hepatologist Abby Philips, known by the name- TheLiverDoc on Twitter, took to the social media platform to debunk such myths. 

He told not to mix fruits and veggies if one has a pre-existing liver disease. He wrote, “Please don’t mix fruits and a whole lot of raw green and coloured veggies into a blender and make yourself a detox juice if you have pre-existing liver disease.”

Recalling an incident with a patient, he further went on to say, “This is the second patient this week who seems to have developed kidney injury after daily consumption of homemade fruit+veggie juice. A blend of gooseberries, beetroot, spinach & green leaves along with a host of citrus fruits is a new fad that’s developed after WhatsApp and YouTube “doctors” have been promoting them as “liver health” options. Please don’t do it. It can cause OXALATE KIDNEY INJURY and the kidneys take a LONG time to recover.”

He also said in the comments section, to a question asked by a user, that ”juices are fine if we don’t green them up too much”.

There are many people who also consider such detox juices as a way of losing weight and getting the necessary nutrient intake. Though this may seem to be a shortcut to your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, it may have long-term ill effects. 

In this regard, ABP Live also sought the opinion of other experts in this field who discussed the potential ill effects of consuming such detox juices.

One of them was Nawaz Shaikh, wellness expert and founder of FITX Transformation, who shared, “Many people are unaware of the potential risks associated with consuming large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables. Certain compounds in these foods, such as oxalates and goitrogens, can interfere with the body’s absorption of key nutrients and even cause health problems like kidney stones and thyroid dysfunction.”

“While these juices can provide some nutrients, they also contain high amounts of sugar and lack the fibre and other beneficial components found in whole fruits and vegetables. Moreover, the body already has its own natural detoxification system, which works more efficiently when fueled with a balanced diet that includes whole foods and plenty of water.”, he further added.

Thus, detox juices made by blending fruits and vegetables may seem healthy, but experts warn that they could do more harm than good.

Dr. Kunal Das, Director and HOD, Dept. of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Interventional Endoscopy, at Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital also shared why such detox juices can be harmful.

He said, “The difference between drug and poison is the dose amount. Many juices like giloy juice can cause liver toxicity as was seen in published data. Also there is evidence in drug induced liver injury database. This is very important because of the power of social media many uninformed influencers are prescribing certain juices and people tend to believe them naively.”

When we blend fruits and vegetables, we remove the fibre that helps slow down the absorption of sugar in our bodies. 

In this regard, health expert Vani Ahuja who is the Co-Founder and Director of NatureCode said, “Drinking large quantities of juice can cause blood sugar levels to spike, which is not healthy, especially for people with diabetes. Additionally, some detox juices may contain high levels of oxalates, which can cause kidney stones in people who are predisposed to them. Furthermore, drinking detox juices can be detrimental to those who are trying to lose weight. Since these juices are often high in sugar, they can contribute to weight gain instead of weight loss. One can naturally detox the body by drinking 3 litres of water daily.”

Lastly, Dr. Rohini Patil, nutritionist, and CEO of Nutracy Lifestyle, shared that there is a lack of scientific evidence on whether juices can get rid of toxins and improve overall health. She said, “Detox juices made from blending fruits and vegetables can be high in sugar, which can contribute to weight gain, inflammation, and other health problems. Even though the sugar in fruits is natural, it can still have negative effects on the body when consumed in excess.”

Additionally, Dr. Patil also shared that detox juices often lack protein and healthy fats, which are essential for building and repairing tissues in the body. Without these nutrients, the body may not be able to function properly and may become more susceptible to illness and disease.

Some juices are created using naturally occurring oxalate, which is present in foods in large concentrations. Beets and spinach are two examples of food items that are rich in oxalate. Large-scale consumption of high-oxalate juice can raise the possibility of renal issues. Experts, therefore, advise against acquiring nutrients from detox juices containing a lot of leafy greens. The best alternative is to eat whole fruits and vegetables, which supply the required nutrients and fibre without the drawbacks of excessive juicing.

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