Britney Spears says Elton John collaboration No. 1: ‘Holly S—!’ But it’s his ‘best day ever.

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At the point when Britney Spears’ and Elton Johns’ melodic joint effort “Hold Me Closer” hit number one on iTunes only hours after its delivery Friday, the 40-year-old pop princess posted a brazen Twitter video to The “Minuscule Dancer” vocalist, saying she planned to have the “greatest day of all time” and trusted he was “well.”

“Hi Sir Elton John we resemble number 1 of every 40 nations,” a new confronted Spears said into the camera in a fake British pronunciation. “Blessed s- – – ! I’m in the tub the present moment and I’m going to go have the greatest day ever and I trust you’re well.”

The post came after Spears erased her Instagram account once more. The “Child One More Time” vocalist had posted a short clasp of “Hold Me Closer” on the stage before it authoritatively dropped on Friday alongside an inscription saying thanks to John for his “liberality” during their cooperation, as per Billboard ( Britney Spears).

“Perhaps we ought to have Tea Time !!!” the artist kidded to John. “Gracious and how about we welcome Queen Elizabeth as well !!! I bet she’s a splendid investigation of conduct !!! So will we clean up ??? Since most say they are respected TO KNOW ME SO WELL and just need joy for me … you can have absolutely no doubt that THIS coordinated effort will increase my year by joining your splendid hands of play.


Britney Spears says Elton John collaboration No
Britney Spears performs at the NOW 99.7 Triple Ho Show 7.0 at SAP Center on December 3, 2016, in San Jose, California. (Steve Jennings/WireImage

She added, “Thank you for your liberality and simply considering me to go along with you on such a splendid tune !!! How cool is it to be a foundation voice ON YOUR melody !!! Sir Elton I did it on account of your virtuoso, inventive, and amazing psyche !!! I am so appreciative !!! I simply continue to give don’t I ??? Might I at any point get an AWWWWE ???”

John answered in the remarks: “In excess of a foundation vocalist, dear. Can hardly trust that everybody will hear what we’ve been really going after!”

It wasn’t clear why she erased her Instagram. Before this week, she had chiefly posted on Instagram and hadn’t been dynamic on Twitter since January.

He additionally answered to her tweet, saying, “Hello Britney!! Much thanks to you for this message. You’ve filled my heart with joy!! Trust everybody has the greatest day moving to our tune! #HoldMeCloser.”

Britney Spears tweeted

The melody is Spears’ first since her conservatorship was ended last year – at one point she said she wouldn’t perform in front of an audience until it was finished and guaranteed under its terms she wasn’t permitted to do remixes of her tunes or perform new music – and the first in quite a while since her 2016 collection “Brilliance.”

Spears gave her considerations on her melodic rebound in a stuck tweet Wednesday previously “Hold Me Closer” was delivered.

Tweet Britney Spears

“Okie Dokie … my first melody in quite a while !!!!” she composed. “Damn cool I’m singing with one of the most exemplary men within recent memory … @eltonofficial !!!! I’m somewhat wrecked… it’s nothing to joke about for me !!! I’m contemplating more and learning my space is significant and valuable !!!”

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