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Blinkit Delhi Police Delivery Persons Assaulted Customers Attacked Misbehaved

Delhi police registered a case against a customer identified as Tarun Suri allegedly assaulted two delivery persons named Aman and Gurpal Singh from Blinkit on Saturday, reported the news agency ANI. The delivery persons were found to be physically assaulted at Suri’s residence where they had gone to deliver the groceries ordered by him.

The Delhi police said, “According to delivery person Gurpal, Tarun Suri allegedly misbehaved over the money change,” as quoted by ANI.

The arguments between the delivery persons and Suri turned into a physical assault on the delivery people.

“The alleged person also levelled allegations of misbehaving with the woman member in the house. Probe has been initiated,” said Delhi police.

However, this is not the first case of such attacks on the delivery person by customers. In February this year, a similar incident took place in Karnataka, where a delivery person was assaulted.

A 20-year-old guy attacked an E-Kart delivery person in Hassan, Karnataka, since he was unable to pay for an iPhone he had bought. According to authorities, the boy kept the body at his home for three days before burning it in an attempt to avoid being charged with murder, News 18 reported.

The terrible occurrence occurred on February 7th in Arasikere, Hassan, when the accused, Hemanth Dutt, got delivery of an iPhone that he had bought.

The accused and the victim both had the same first name. Hemanth Naik was allegedly stabbed many times. He died instantly.

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When Naik arrived at Dutt’s house to deliver the used iPhone, the suspect ordered the delivery boy to sit inside his house, according to the police.

He promised to return shortly with the money from his room. Instead, Dutt reportedly attacked the delivery boy many times with a knife, News 18 reported.

Following the event, the accused kept the deceased corpse tied up in a bag at his home for three days. He intended to burn the body somewhere on the outskirts of town.

Dutt was preparing to dispose of the body. To eliminate evidence, he purchased gasoline and rode the dead body to a local train station on his two-wheeler, where he torched it.

He was apprehended owing to CCTV evidence that showed him both buying gasoline and transporting the deceased corpse, News 18 reported.

Following an investigation, Hassan Police apprehended him.

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