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Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai Actress Vidisha Srivastava Aka Anita Bhabhi Is Expecting Her First Child: Reports

New Delhi: Vidisha Srivastava, who plays the lead in the hit Indian comedy-drama ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai’, is reportedly expecting her first child with husband Sayak Paul. According to a show’s insider, the actress playing Anita Bhabhi on TV is “six months pregnant.” Vidisha replaced Nehha Pendse, the previous Anita on the show, when she left.

A Times of India story claims that an insider on the programme has revealed that Vidisha is six months pregnant, but no one is aware of it since her baby bulge is not yet apparent. “As she will be taking maternity leave, we have to keep scenes ready in advance for her so that that break does not affect the show,” the insider said.

The source also added, “The makers have not thought about any replacements yet as it is certain that Vidisha has no plans of quitting the show and will certainly be back after her maternity break.” 

The part of Anita Bhabhi in ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai’ has been played by three different actresses. This part was first played by Saumya Tandon when the series premiered in 2015. She left the programme in 2020 and was replaced by Nehha Pendse. After two years on the programme as Anita, Neha decided to quit the role in 2022. At last, Vidisha was chosen for the role.

The sitcom has consistently entertained viewers with the antics of its main characters and the performances of Aasif Sheikh, Rohitash Gaud, Shubhangi Atre, and Vidisha Srivastava.

Vidisha Srivastava has kept the news of her pregnancy under wraps as she did with her marriage. In December 2018, in Vidisha’s birthplace of Banaras, she married Sayak Paul, who is not from the film or TV business.


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