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Ariha Shah Case Parents Of Indian Infant Kept In German Foster Care Pin Hopes Germany Dhara Shah Sexually Abused PM Modi

New Delhi: Parents of Ariha Shah, who is now two years old, are currently battling for legal custody of their child and have made an emotional plea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for assistance in recovering their child, reported news agency ANI.

Since September 2021, Ariha Shah, who is now two years old, has been in a foster care facility in Berlin, Germany. 

“We’re not getting a fair trial there (in Germany). We need to bring the child into our custody. We appeal to PM Modi to personally pay attention to this case & help bring back my daughter,” said Dhara Shah, mother Ariha Shah, quoted by ANI.

“In Sept 2021, Ariha accidentally suffered injury in her genital area. When he took her for a follow-up medical checkup, doctor informed German Child Services & custody of my child was given to them. A case of sexual abuse of the child was registered against us,” she said.

When their daughter was taken to the hospital following an injury to her private part in September 2021, the couple experienced their first set of difficulties. 

“Later, this case against us was closed & the hospital ruled out sexual abuse of the child. But still, we haven’t got Ariha’s custody,” the mother added, according to ANI.

The parents were put in foster care and charged with sexually abusing their child by German authorities. It was alleged that the parents were unable to care for the child. The Shahs have been pleading with the authorities for their daughter’s release ever since.

Today, when the parents arrived in Mumbai, they said they wanted to meet Devendra Fadnavis, the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra, and other leaders to get their support for the cause.

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