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Arbaaz Khan, Salman Khan Once Dropped Drunk Mahesh Bhatt Home, Director Recalls ‘Sleeping On Footpath’

New Delhi: In a recent interview with Arbaaz Khan, Mahesh Bhatt remembered the time he struggled with alcoholism. The director recounted an occasion when he drank himself to the point of passing the night on a sidewalk.

“You were so drunk but dad said he has to go home. We tried to take you home in a cab. You forgot where you lived. We were embarrassed but also giggling. You’ve made a 360 transition post that,” Arbaaz told Mahesh.

He also talked about how the birth of Shaheen, his second daughter, changed his life during his appearance on the chat show.

“One day, I woke up and I found myself sleeping on the footpath of JVPD scheme. I remember my face was on the concrete and dawn was just breaking. I realised I had gone for some party and I had fallen down on the road and slept there. I remember walking up to my house, I was living with Soni. She said. ‘What happened to you?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, I’ve become an alcoholic’.’ And then a miracle happened. My first baby was born with Soni, Shaheen. When I came to the hospital, I was holding Shaheen in my arms and I went to kiss her, I got this feeling as if she moved away. She couldn’t bear the fumes of alcohol. She couldn’t have done, she was a baby, but this is what I hallucinated and projected. That did it,” Mahesh Bhatt said. 

Arbaaz also shared a glimpse of the episode on his Instagram page and wrote,”From a troubled childhood to becoming a renowned filmmaker, watch me in conversation with Bhatt Sahab on ‘The Invincibles Series with Arbaaz Khan’.”

Mahesh Bhatt has four children. Rahul and Pooja Bhatt are the first two children he had with Lorraine Bright (Kiran Bhatt). Shaheen and Alia Bhatt are his daughters with Soni Razdan.

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