Homelatest newsAmit Shahs Big Revelation In 2005 Shohrabuddin Encounter Case

Amit Shahs Big Revelation In 2005 Shohrabuddin Encounter Case

In a shocking revelation, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday sought to describe the “real misuse of central agencies”. During an interaction with News18, Shah said that he had been falsely accused in the 2005 Shohrabuddin encounter case. He also said that he had been under constant pressure from the CBI to name then CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi as an accused in the case.

“I have been a victim of the misuse of CBI. Congress had not brought in any allegation of corruption. They charged and had me arrested in a case of an encounter that occurred when I was the Gujarat Home Minister,” he said. “They said ‘kahe ko pareshaan ho rahe ho; Modi ka naam le lo, aapko chhod denge [Why are you troubling yourself and us? Give us Modi’s name and you will be let go],” Shah said.

“We didn’t wear black clothes then, nor did we impede the functioning of Parliament,” he said.

The Shohrabuddin encounter case refers to the killing of Shohrabuddin Sheikh, a criminal and alleged terrorist, and his wife Kausar Bi, by the Gujarat Police in 2005. The encounter was officially declared as a result of self-defense, but it was later alleged that it was a staged encounter. 

Amit Shah was the Minister of State for Home Affairs in the Gujarat government at the time of the encounter. He was accused of being involved in the conspiracy behind the staged encounter and was arrested in 2010. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) claimed that Shah was involved in the conspiracy to eliminate Shohrabuddin Sheikh and his wife Kausar Bi, as well as in the subsequent cover-up of the crime. Shah was charged with criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, murder, and destruction of evidence.

Shah denied all the charges against him and claimed that he was being falsely implicated in the case due to political vendetta. He was released on bail in 2010, and the case was transferred to Mumbai from Gujarat by the Supreme Court to ensure a fair trial. In December 2014, the CBI court discharged Shah from the case, citing a lack of evidence against him.

Shah on Wednesday told News18: “On the 90th day, I was given bail as the high court said there was not enough proof against me. My case was in Mumbai where the court noted that the CBI registered a case against me due to political pressures and thus dismissed all charges against me.” “Back then, all these people were there — Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, P Chidambaram. Today, we are not accusing them in false cases. We have registered cases based on their rampant corruption,” Shah said.

Referring to AAP leaders Satyendar Jain and Manish Sisodia, the Union Home Minister said: ” These people have been in jail for so long. If they are innocent, they should have faith in the law. They will be acquitted if they are not found guilty,” he told the news channel.

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