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9-Year-Old ‘Reels Queen’ Dies By Suicide After Parents Chide Her For Not Studying In TN’s Tiruvallur

A 9-year-old girl, who was popularly known as ‘reels queen’ and ‘insta queen’ died by suicide after her parents chided her for not studying in Tiruvallur on Tuesday. The kid killed herself by hanging from a window grill. 

According to a report on Times on India, Pratiksha was a class 4 student and she had been creating reels for the past six months. Till now, the child has created 70 reels and has separate fan followers for her. 

On Tuesday, Pratiksha was playing with her friends near her grandmother’s house, upon seeing this, her parents Krishnamoothy and Karpagam chided her and told her to study. 

The couple gave the house keys to the kid and left to run some errands. The parents returned home after an hour and they found the house latched from the inside. 

They rang the calling bell but did not get any response. Immediately, Krishnamoothy broke open the door and was shocked to find out that Pratiksha was hanging from a window grill. 

The couple immediately rushed her to a hospital. However, the doctors declared her dead. 

Based on the information, Tiruvallur Town police reached the spot and started the investigation. 

The suicide by the kid has sent shock waves in her area and her neighbours struggle to cope with the fact. An investigating officer told TOI that social media has made young minds to get exposed to all kinds of influences. 

In 2020, National Crime Records Bureau data revealed that 31 children died by suicide every day.

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(If anyone faces mental health issues or knows anyone having suicidal feelings, they can seek emotional support with helpline numbers from suicide prevention organizations in the state. 

Tamil Nadu: The State Health Department’s Suicide Helpline is 104. 

Sneha Suicide Prevention Centre: 044 24640050)

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